Everything you need to know before you book.

What areas do you cover?

Right now, we cover all of Bonnie Scotland. That also includes the Highlands and Islands. We hope to be able to open up our services to the rest of the UK once Mummy gets her ass in gear and obtains the additional Licensing that we require.

Do I have to pay a deposit? If so is this refundable?

I hate talking money. I prefer to talk about treats, but my Hooman says £150 to £250 (depending on what you hire) will secure your hire date. This is a non-refundable deposit (sorry!) unless there is another global pandemic and we are forced into another lockdown! If your event exceeds £1,700 though - you will get the £250 back. That was my idea. I am generous like that. You can thank me with a carrot when you meet me.

What happens if we don’t meet the minimum spend?

I’m a dog, so I’m not sure, but the Hooman says if for any reason the minimum spend is not met, then the remainder is to be paid by the event organiser. Try not to worry though, as I’ve heard on the grapevine that the minimum spend is usually met after a couple of hours of service. I will order the Hoomans on duty at your event to keep you updated throughout the event.

I want a specific drink served at my event. Can you provide it?

Anything for you (within reason). I’m the boss around here so if there is anything you want, just let me know, and if we can get it, we will.

What payments do you accept for my guests to buy their drinks?

If it was my choice, I would accept treats, but my Hooman says we accept, pennies (cash), cards, and the machine I got accepts contactless payments.

Do you serve other alcohol other than Gin?

Jeez, of course. I’ve ordered my Hooman servants to stock my bar with a variety of other spirits, wines, prosecco, champagne (If you are feeling fancy), beers, IPA’s and ciders.

Do you sell non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, if you are Teetotal like me or just fancy something different, then I’ve got some excellent drinks for you to try. We have lots of speciality mixers plus a variety of speciality soft drinks too. At the end of the bar, you will also find a dispenser of my favourite drink, good old H2O. You can have as much of this as you like, and it’s on me. Did I tell you that if you’re the designated driver of a group that you get a free non-alcoholic drink? Just show my Hooman staff members your car keys and get one free drink on me.

What if we need more than 4 hours hire?

That’s fine - just tell my Hooman staff members that you want them longer, and they will work something out for you. I must tell, you though, they can get pretty annoying after a while.

Do you need an electricity supply?

Apparently we do! My Hooman carries a super long extension cable, so we only require one plug. Let's hope she doesn't carry the extension cable in her handbag, as that is just weird!

Can Mr Red attend my event?

Me? you, want me as your guest of honour? You're making me blush. I, of course, accept your invitation as long as your venue allows me in. The Hooman says it also depends on times as I like to get to bed early these days! I love attending parties and events so I will try my best. If I cannot come along, I’ve got a pretty good-looking cardboard cut-out that you can use to take some snaps. Please don’t forget to tag me on social media as I need to keep up my street cred!

Do you hire out other things for my party or event?

We can provide a pretty cool prosecco wall that holds your glasses of prosecco for your guests, and my favourite has to be the alcoholic cupcakes. I’m not allowed them, but I hope one day, one of them will fall off into my mouth (please God). We also supply edible cocktail toppers and branded slippers as no one wants sore feet! My Hooman is pretty good though so, if you have something else in mind, just let her know, and I will order her to do her best to help you out.

Do we have to get a special licence for you to attend our party/event?

Worry not; I will get my Hooman to sort all that out for your event.

How far in advance do I need to book?

I would come tomorrow, but apparently, there is a thing called the law that makes my Hooman need an Occasional Licence for any event. The local authority requires 35 days to obtain this, so try and book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What about doggy customers?

Well, I always look after my fellow doggos, so there are puppuccinos available for my doggy guests. If your Hooman is buying a drink, then you get a puppuccino for free (on me). If not, then it is just £1. I will always make sure my treat jar is fully stocked. I am more than happy to share (I’m not really, but the Hooman says I must).

Want To Know More?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to any of our services as I’m confident that we can make your event that extra bit special and quirky!