About Us

Hi, I’m Mr Red and CEO of Mr Red’s Gin Bar. I am a handsome French Bulldog living in Scotland with my Mummy, Angela. My Mummy works for me and does what she’s told!

Mr Red's Gin Bar

Who Are We?

Mr Red’s Gin Bar was born out of love for me and my Mummy’s love of gin. We wanted it to be fun and quirky like myself, so we bought an already converted horsebox and named it after yours truly, Mr Red. Since then, we have added a pop-up bar and a cocktail trike to our fleet.

What We Provide?

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service. As such, our staff are trained to the highest standards as our brand reputation means everything to us.

We stock only the finest of gins, spirits and liqueurs, from around the world, accompanied by top-notch premium tonics. Our love of classic cocktails also shines through on our cocktail menu. The Prohibition-era is where we fell in love with cocktails as you can't beat a White Lady or a Gin Rickey! For the non-gin and cocktail drinkers, we also sell beers, wines, ciders and much more to satisfy every palette.

Our favourite prop is the prosecco wall that we roll out for weddings, private parties and corporate events. We also supply alcoholic cupcakes, edible cocktail toppers and branded slippers for large events as no one wants sore feet!

Being the Instagram sensation that I am (head over to @mrred_thefrenchie), we have a cardboard cut out of me for those all-important snaps when I can’t make it to your ever so special events in person. When I am there, you can take as many snaps of me as you want, as long as you promise to tag me on your social media channels as I need to keep my street cred up! I accept carrots and cucumbers as treats as I’m watching my waistline, or so I’m told!

On one of those all-important sunny days, feel free to recline in one of my deckchairs and, I’ll have one of my Hooman servants bring you copious amounts of gin as long as you promise to drink responsibly and pet me as I need lots of attention.

I look forward to serving you and your quests with my Hooman staff members soon.

Want To Know More?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to any of our services as I’m confident that we can make your event that extra bit special and quirky!